Snow in Calgary…

What a mess! Those of us who live where it snows dread early snows because of the impact on trees still in full foliage. Of course, tree branches break off and take out power lines, or come down on houses, vehicles and worse.


14 thoughts on “Snow in Calgary…

  1. I visited Calgary once on the way to Wa Wa in Ontario. It was great to be in Canada . . . the vastness and the beauty . . . I will never forget it. I was so impressed with the beauty of Canada that I brought every scrap of my garbage back across the border when I came home.

    • I’m not too thrilled, either! The only good part is I don’t have to scoop it where I live. Where I used to live, there was a driveway 2/4rds the length of the lot that always had a drift the whole length. Because it was next to the house, I had to start in the middle, push part of the snow to the back yard, then push the rest toward the front yard. It was gruelling work, and I hope the person who bought the house enjoys the winter workouts!The worst is heavy, wet snows.

      • I live in the southern Allegheny mountains and we see a lot of snow here. I thought last winter would never end. I would love to move to a sunny climate. My sister bought me a snow shovel that blows the snow away. I would not have survived last winter without it! The days of me lifting the heavy snow are behind me. There is no way I can move all that cursed snow now. I love the beauty of winter and if I were in good health then probably wouldn’t mind it as much. My dogs are not a fan either. I used to have an American Eskie who lived for winter. He loved everything about it. Have your cats ever experienced snow?

        • The boys are interested in snow., ANdy won’t step on it, but Dougy likes to explore in it as far as I let him. (As an indoor cat, he doesn’t get to go that far before I snatch him back up!) I think Dougy would play in it till the cows came home if let. Andy is more circumspect about the world outside the door, but would probably forget his fears if he saw a bird nearby to chase. (I don’t believe in letting cats catch wild animals for a couple reasons: I am a past vice president of Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union and the ethics of it don’t mesh with my values, and cats can pick up parasites and diseases from wild creatures, which the boys did as kittens when they and their littermates killed and ate an infected grasshopper! (That cost hundreds of dollars to bring into control…!)

          I’m the same way with scooping snow. Physically, I’m not up to do much of it anymore, which is one reason I moved to a retirement apartment complex: let staff do it!

    • We aren’t supposed to get that much snow here – accumulation up to an inch – but it will affect driving because I’m sure the snow on the roads will melt and then freeze over.

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