Post 515: …of cats and tomatoes

Not much “of cats”, though. Andy’s hiding somewhere, and Dougy isn’t happy about having his photo taken.

"No photos today, human!"

“No photos today, human!”

Walking way from me, eh, Dougy? Next you’ll be hopping up on my computer desk and helping yourself to your wand toy! [Dougy just hopped up on my computer desk and helped himself to the wand toy there because I hadn’t put it away yet. I tried to get him to play, and he gave me the big “Meh!”]

That leaves tomatoes. A friend left several with me a few days ago, along with some cucumbers. I’ve eaten most of these yummy garden veggies, but am left with one last tomato. It’s slated to become supper, in the form of bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches. Yeah, I think I’ll go for two sandwiches today! The tomato looks that good!

I named this one "Supper"!

I named this one “Supper”!

Yeah, it’s a low acid tomato, juicy and perfectly ready to grace a BLT sandwich tonight. And it didn’t move away from me when I tried to take its photo. More than I can say for my kitties.