Post 519: a surprise at the veterinarian’s

Andy needed a refill on his blood pressure medication today, so I called ahead to have the medication prepared in tuna flavor, the original flavor I got it in. The chicken flavor I had it made with the last refill didn’t agree with Andy or he just likes tuna better. Anyway, tuna it is for my little fuzzy prince!

I arrived at the clinic before the medication was ready, so sat down next to a woman with two carriers. It was the only seat left, but it turned out to be fortuitous: The person in the other seat was Tara, the veterinarian technician who gave me Andy and Dougy!

Tara doesn’t work at the clinic now, so she hadn’t heard in months how the boys are doing.

Oops! It's "weggieboy", not "weggyboy"!

Oops! It’s “weggieboy”, not “weggyboy”!

I brought her up to date on Andy and Dougy, handed her my “business” cards, which feature the boys, and let her know she could watch videos on YouTube and read about the boys on my blog. (I just noticed today I misspelled “weggieboy” on the Dougy card.)

The surprise at the veterinarian’s? That I ran into Tara and we caught up on where the boys are? Well, that was nice, but the real surprise was in the two carriers with Tara. In one, a Birman queen who is the boy’s paternal auntie! In the other, a step sister, also a Birman queen! I’ve met the boy’s mother, and now a step sister and an aunt.

The aunt is very sweet-natured, and I see the family resemblance to this aunt in Andy more than Dougy. Andy has a rounder face, whereas Dougy’s is classic Persian, that owl-like disc face. Both boys, though, have faint, very subtle hints of their Birman father’s markings, which is similar to Siamese cats. The boys are much darker, of course, so those features show only in certain light or if you are looking for them.

I didn’t have a lot of time with the boys’ relatives, but I was enough to appreciate how beautiful and sweet-natured Birman cats can be! Watch out boys. I want one!