Post 516: Internet issues

I’ve had Internet issues since June. Twice, I replaced the dual signal splitter, which seemed to help for a short time. Two days ago, though, I had a major failure to connect with the Internet, and (surely not the dual signal splitter…again!?) I decided it must be related to the Norton security programs.

Don’t ask  me why. Frankly, when you’ve run through the unplug-wait-replug-then-try-something-else process with the cable company’s automated troubleshooter system three, four items, you start to think maybe something else is involved. The cable company’s solutions didn’t work.

Just don't make it too much fun or they'll think you are thanking them...

Just don’t make it too much fun or they’ll think you are thanking them…

So, I spent most of the day on my cellphone talking with Norton’s technical support guy, only to run up against his suggestion that it might be cable-related afterall. (I probably said my favorite word then, but I was exhausted after hours of getting nowhere. I don’t remember.) So, I tried the cable company again.

After doing everything I’d already done dozens of times in the past two months, with some positive results for a short time, this time I ran into a big nothing.  I finally got a human being on the line by saying cues words not suggested by the cable prompt. You can imagine, I’m sure, if you’ve had cable or Internet issues just which words I used.

Of course, I kept my head on straight, and the problem soon disappeared.

Of course, I kept my head on straight, and the problem soon disappeared.

The cable human ultimately decided the problem was my modem since the signal made it that far, but not to my computer,  which has a wireless connection to the modem. She said something about “time out errors” and how 10 in two hours might be acceptable.  I’d had 38 in less than two hours. Would I like to schedule a technician to visit?

And that’s where I am now: Waiting for James the cable guy. I got the confirmation phone call, and notice that he’d be by between 3 PM and 5 PM, as established two days ago. The 3 PM hour arrives in 30 minutes. 🙂 I am hopeful. Right now, I have to switch the main coaxial connection between the television and the modem, not that I can watch television and work on the computer at the same time. I pay $155 and some odd cents a month for television and Internet combined, so this little process isn’t one I intend to tolerate beyond today.