Post 1415: The kitty boys watch me closely…

The kitty brothers are very interested in what I’m doing. It might be kitty food in the making! Of course, when they see me notice them, they scatter to the winds.

The beef, butternut squash (which I hope will add to texture but be cooked completely down), portobello mushrooms, beef broth, and seasonings are in the crock pot now. The broccoli, green beans, carrots, and leeks will go in later so they don’t cook into mush. Onion may or may not go in, too, since I added onion powder among the seasonings.

No, kitties! This is not kitty food!  


26 thoughts on “Post 1415: The kitty boys watch me closely…

    • It turned out so well, I ate it three days in a row, something I rarely do. I even froze three servings for future. It was more like a vegetable stew than a soup, it was so chunky, and I was pleased the butternut squash mostly stayed in chunks. I definitely will use squash in future soups/stews!

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    • It was very tasty soup, if I do say so myself! Good thing, too, because I made enough for the 5000…speaking of fish! LOL! Of course, the kitty boys enjoyed their all-meat kitty food later.


    • It was super! As it turned out, the butternut squash didn’t turn into mush, and was a delightful surprise when I ate the soup! I’m going to make sure squash ends up in future soup, it was so tasty!


      • Mmmm! I love butternut and acorn squash. I think the butternut squash would be especially good as a base for squash soup. Anyway, there were still intact chunks of squash in the soup, and that was a surprise I enjoyed!


      • I used to grow butternut squash as a kid, back east. Here, I don’t have much luck with butternut, although delicata squash does well. I am trying a variety called “Candy Stick”.


      • I think butternut is my favorite, though I confess I haven’t grown anything else. All my other squash experiences were with locally grown varieties, all of which I like.


    • LOL! I have enough asparagus on hand, I’ll have some on toast, but I think I need to branch out and try it in quiche or soup. I get into food ruts where I like something a certain way and never try it other ways that I probably’d like, too: yes, I’d gnaw on them rare, too! Why not?

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