Post 528: naughty cats

I know I put a happy face on the boys’ behavior, but they can be little poops when they want to be.

Dougy is a terrible furniture scratcher, though I have several scratching posts stationed throughout the apartment, including next to the furniture he likes to assault.

work on being cute

Yeah. “Cute”, Dougy. “Cute”!

But what about Andy? Sweet, kitten-faced Andy? Andy, named after the Apostle Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland? The sick little kittycat?

Well, for a cat with a heart murmur and high blood pressure that’s treated with daily doses of medicine, he can run and hide like hell. Bad boy! To think my after-medicating ritual is to whisper “What a good boy!” over and over in his ear while I gently massage his shoulders! Well, there were no kitty treats dispensed yesterday, let me tell you!

What of Andy?

“But I don’t want to take my medicine…!”

All week, each time I finally caught him got later and later. He even managed to go all day yesterday without his medicine. Come to think of it, it’s 7:23, I don’t know where the little rascal is, and he still hasn’t had his medicine.

xxxxxxxxx =(>+<)= xxxxxxxxx

UPDATE: Andy got his dose of medicine at approximately 7:50 AM. He fell for the old “Want to play with wand toys, boys?” strategy. He took it like a big boy, so I stroked his ears, told him he was a good boy, and massaged his shoulders. He got kitty treats today!