Post 534: Andy defends his turf

Dougy, Dougy, Dougy! You know Andy regards the blue carrier as his personal territory, so why did you try to take it over? (Oh, because it is Andy’s territory! I see!) In this little confrontation, Dougy appears as himself on the left side of the photos, and Andy appears as himself on the right. All the action is deadly serious. Andy will not suffer a usurper lightly, even if that usurper is his own brother!



Andy hopped onto the carrier and just perched there. Dougy senses something’s up.


Andy holds his place while Dougy contemplates what Andy will do next. There could be a confrontation: There isn’t enough room on this carrier for two kitties! (I know, I know! There are two kitties on the carrier, but we’re talking kitty logic here.)


Andy makes his move. Dougy is shocked by the “Kitty Stare of Death” his beloved brother’s giving him! How can he!? Scary and threatening!


Dougy gives as much as he is given. His whiskers are taut with intent. Andy seems to back down.


Yeah! So he can build up a major blow on his brother Dougy! Dougy strikes back, but is caught mostly off guard. “I’m your brother, brother!” “Yeah, but it’s my carrier, brother!” >POW!<


A startled Dougy holds his brother back.


Andy makes his point, and Dougy scats.


Andy isn’t about to leave things where they are: Dougy must die…or, at least, respect Andy’s right to the top of the blue carrier! He pursues his brother to finish the encounter in kitty style.


He beats his brother up on the old computer chair, of course! That’ll teach him. For good measure, Andy chases his brother into the kitchen, then onto the cat lounger by the back door, where he gives him a little kitty claw action, a tooth or two.


For the record, no cats were harmed photographing this encounter, though Dougy’s a little wiser than he was first thing this morning.