Post 548: Mwahahaha!

Little do they know. Little do they understand. Thursday is coming soon. Thursday! Mwahahaha!

 ...a message for the Cat Brothers!

…a message for the Cat Brothers!

It came in the mail. What could it mean? Everyone knows the boys don’t get to go outside, except to the groomers and to the…

vet card b

…veterinarian’s! Mwahahaha! Mwhahaha! Mwahaha! Yes, I made an appointment this morning for 10:00 AM Thursday for the boys to get their rabies shots updated and for their semi-annual check-ups.

Mwahahaha! Pretty scary stuff for the little Persian cats Andy and Dougy, even if they are black cats!

24 thoughts on “Post 548: Mwahahaha!

    • Dougy tried to hang onto the carrier when I pulled him out for his examination, and Andy was very, very upset when the technician trimmed a spot on his tail to take his blood pressure. Well, he was unhappy the whole time, and it took two of us to hold him down and calm. Both both usually are much better behaved at the veterinarian’s.

        • Seriously, I have considered setting up separate days for the boys. Same with the grooming appointments. Unfortunately, their regular veterinarian wasn’t going to be their last Friday, so I decided I’d rather risk taking both in on the same day than have a big spread between their vaccination dates. Most times, I don’t have any problem getting them both rounded up for grooming or veterinarian visits.

    • Sometimes cats get them in the loose skin over the shoulders. I’m not sure what the deal is, but the worst part of the whole business is the trip in the carrier. Dougy whines all the way! Andy is stoical about it, but clearly happy to get out of the carrier.

      • Mags is so friendly, she just loves the vet. Even when he gives her a shot she’ll just look at him and lick his hand. She’s probably the most forgiving dog I’ve ever met!

        • Andy takes it like a big boy. Dougy is good, too, but he likes to explore. Even when he was a small kitten, we had to watch him closely because he’d hop off the examination table (youch!) so he could explore!

  1. A trip to the vet’s is not welcomed by Kali and I. We know, roughly, what time of year we go see the lady vet and we stay clear od mom. Mom doesn’t like it either. She says when we sing the song of our ancestors we’re way off key and sound hysterical. Well , what do you want…..when we’re terrified, mom. Sheesh!!

    (((Shoko and Kali)))

    • I’m glad the veterinarian’s clinic is just four or so blocks away because Dougy, in particular, hates to ride in the car and whines all the way. Andy does OK, but isn’t happy about it.

  2. If you haven’t had one before, I would give that serious consideration. I had one many years ago and I’ve rarely been so ill in my whole life! I’d rather have the ‘flu.

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