18Oct22: Andy’s upset…

Andy’s upset about me medicating him.

He’s refusing to play and staying away from me under the recliner footrest.

LOL! He thinks I’m not watching! 



28 thoughts on “18Oct22: Andy’s upset…

    • He seems to be getting there. The eye medication seems to make his eye goop more liquid and I think I’m going to have to start helping him clean up around his eys.

  1. Clancy, the Grey Menace, would attack before and after medication. I guess he figured that he was going to suffer you would too. And being that he drew blood, you did suffer. It seems that Andy is a gentler cat.

    • He rappels off me after medicating. Sometimes I get some scratches on my arms or chest, but he hasn’t been aggressively uncooperative when I catch him. IR definitely appreciate that!

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