Post 2166: Louie was bad…

louie in trouble

I have no idea why I was cussing Louie out that day. Maybe he was chewing on the flowers. I thought I’d lost this photo, but it popped up on Facebook Wednesday. It is one of my favorite shots of Louie the ginger cat. He was a great kitty, but died of lymphoma on August 1, 2011. As you can see, he was counting on plausible deniability to get out of trouble for whatever it was!

27 thoughts on “Post 2166: Louie was bad…

    • Yes, on all counts. Louie had tons of personality plus he was the most beautiful ginger kitty boys I’ve ever seen, with deep reddish stripes on a beautiful yellow background. I’ve never seen a more beautiful ginger tabby cat.

    • He was a very pretty kitty with beautiful markings. It amazed me that I got him at the shelter and not one had claimed him. Not only was he a pretty cat, he was a very well behaved and smart one. I fully expected someone to show up one day and claim him. I had him checked for a micro chip, and he didn’t have one. He was neutered before I got him, so he clearly had been someone’s cat and they cared for him.

    • He was unfairly charged! I’m sure he was just sniffing the flowers. Louie was a lovely kitty boy! Now that I have more experience with kitties, I realize he was an exceptionally good, well behaved cat.

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