Post 555: Time for supper, Andy!

Sometimes it takes a little prompting to get the boys to stop whatever they’re doing (i.e. sleeping…!) to take a little time to eat.

Don’t worry. When they’re hungry, my boys help themselves!


10 thoughts on “Post 555: Time for supper, Andy!

  1. He has th emost beautiful-errr-handsome-well adorable-well all three-face. Cute video and made me smile.
    Your beautiful boys always make me smile.


    • Thanks, Ruth! I think Andy has the prettier face of the two, though Dougy is pretty cute, too! Glad you enjoyed the little video. Not much to it, but I think Andy is very smart to grab onto the outside the way he does (through the hole on the side) because that makes snatching him out of the tube for his medicine very difficult. Ahem! But not impossible, as he’d tell you because that’s exactly how I snatched him this morning for his dose!


    • Andy took his sweet time about it, but just a few moments ago, he walked up to me, sat down, licked his whiskers, let me give him a head rub, then walked off. I don’t know when, because he is stealthy as a cat – oh! he IS a cat! – but he got on top of my computer, where he’s giving himself a proper post supper bath.


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