Post 562: One of each, please!

Every parent knows the problem. You send the kiddies off to the photographer, and awhile later, you get a handful of proofs, none of which you like less than all others, all of which you like as well, and you can’t make up your mind: Which one should we send to the relatives?

It is no less a problem when you take photos of your kitties, believe it! I wanted just one photo of Andy on his favorite birdwatching perch, the blue carrier on the settee that is both high enough to look out the back door from and relatively safe from intrusions by his brother Dougy. I ended up with several, all not equally good — a little Photoshopping to exclude some extraneous background would help all of them — but all close enough in interest that I decided to give you a collage of Andys today

"One potato, two potato, three potato, four..." Tough decision!

“One potato, two potato, three potato, four…” Tough decision!

He was watching birds when I photographed him, so there are several variations on the same basic pose to choose from. I kind of like this one best because he looks noble:

The tilt of his head is noble!

The tilt of his head is noble!

On the other hand, he’s looking straight at the camera here, and I like that, too:


Better? Perhaps.

What the heck? I’ll send one of each of the eight I liked to the family. I know they are thrilled to get cat pictures in their mail. 😉 Andy…he’s a regular movie star!

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