Post 1509: plucking mats…

Andy was busy grooming today when I noticed something I’d not seen before…

…he was plucking mats off his legs. I’ve tried to do this for him, and he resists. Can’t wait till next week when the kitty boys finally have another grooming appointment. Those mats are tedious for them and for me, especially since they don’t co-operate with me and let me trim them out!


31 thoughts on “Post 1509: plucking mats…

  1. Me used to hate bein’ brushed. And then we got this brush called the Groom Genie, and me luvs it. Me also luvs da glove mitt. it’s not good fur gettin’ out mats, but da groom genie is. Ya’ might try gettin’ one of those. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • My groomers evoke the “Your cat is banished forever!” rule if they ever act up. Fortunately, they’ve been sweet and well-behaved for nearly five years as clients. My sister had a cat that was banished from one groomer, yet was well-behaved for another. I think they react to people differently, just as we do, but I think one reason Andy and Dougy are good kitty boys at the groomers is they’ve been there many times and are familiar with the routine. One other possibility – their veterinarian is four blocks farther up the same street, so maybe they are relieved they end up with the ladies at the groomers rather than at the veterinarian’s clinic!)

  2. I was going to ask when they were going to the groomers but you must have read my mind. Andy is particular about his appearance obviously. He’s a male and can take off those mats himself, thank you very much.

    Shoko and Kali

    • Some of them, anyway! Then he eats them, only to barf them up later – or worse – pass them through his intestines, too often on the carpet. I try to catch him eating hair so I can take it way from him.

    • All’s well here, though I have lots of cleaning to do before Wednesday in preparation for a visitor from The Netherlands (Amsterdam), while be here a week.

      As for the kitty boys, there aren’t many options for groomers here, so I felt very fortunate that the owner of the grooming business is a cat owner and accepts well-behaved kitties as clients. Her shop is only two blocks away from where I live, another plus. Ironically, or perhaps for good reason, her cats are Sphynx cats… (pause for you to register what that means!), yes the hairless variety of kitty!

    • Oh yes! Hadn’t thought of it, but I think we’ll bring out the albacore and some of that left-over catnip my friend Deborah sent from her garden in Maine. It’s pretty potent! Thanks for the suggestion. We will be soooo happy when the kitty boys don’t have ugly lumps on their rumps, chests, and legs. I continue to remove them slowly and to the degree the kitty boys allow, but there will be plenty more for their groomer to work away with her trimmers!

        • Amen! Me, too! I always ask afterwards for the report on their deportment. Part of the success of the grooming has to do with the person doing the job, too, and I am very lucky to have groomers who are good with small, excitable animals (chihuahuas, etc.) and the occasional cat clients. I personally don’t know any other cat clients there. I should ask. All I know is they seem pleased to see the kitty boys, and the kitty boys seem to enjoy the process up to a point. I’ve had to schedule them at separate times instead of taking them in at the same time. That may help Andy with the boredom problem. Regardless of which one got trimmed and washed first, both cats had to spend from 7:30 till 11 (on a good day) or 7:30 till 12:30 or 1 PM either in a carrier or being groomed. That’s a long time to be caged. The carrier I use is designed for small dogs (24 pounds or 10,9 kilos), which conveniently makes it suitable for two cats that come in at less than that. It has a handle and wheels, which makes it handy for me since I use a cane. I’ll take Dougy in first since he is the most matted, then take Andy in in a smaller carrier, then transfer him to the bigger one and Dougy to the smaller one. A bit of a problem, but maybe I’ll just leave Andy, the smaller of the kitty boys, in the smaller carrier since it is more than adequate for a single cat. Dougy is heavy enough that I’d rather not carry him the 52 feet (15,8 meters) to my car!

  3. I hope your groomer has golden hands and can remove everything without stress for the boys… my friend had an afghan hound once she rescued… I think we needed 3 weeks to detangle his fur…and we looked like lion tamers after this job ;l)

    • Andy and Dougy still have their claws…! So far, they’ve been very good at the groomers, though Andy sometimes gets bored and growly. The groomer is very kind and knows when to stop if this occurs. Fortunately, he still looks great after grooming, even if the job is partially undone. He doesn’;t generate as much hair as Dougy because his undercoat is more like his father’s (who was a Birman, a breed oftentimes crossed with Persian queens to improve the vigor of the Persian breed). Dougy has that thick, thick undercoat of classic Persians, and, while it makes his fur very soft and luxurious, it also mats terribly, especially since Dougy resists me brushing those areas most likely to mat – his legs, rump, and chest. When we are able to maintain a two-month schedule for grooming, mats rarely are a problem.

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