Post 569: sleepy boy

My cats like to lounge with me, and Dougy has a long history of making himself comfortable on my computer desk when I’m on my computer. For example, here’s my sleepy boy on the top shelf:


Makes me feel good to have a little fuzzy company while I play, even if he’s sleeping!

Dougy still thinks he fits where he did as a kitten.

Dougy’s computer desk snoozes go back to his earliest time. He was around three months old in this cutey pie photo. He still likes to put his paw on my arm this way.


8 thoughts on “Post 569: sleepy boy

    • They both look like little angels when they sleep. They have a biorman father, which softens the Persian features a little bit, and gives their coats curious but pretty shading. Dougy’s listed as a black Persian, and Andy’s listed as a smoke Persian, though I can’t see significant differences in their coats. Their faces and eyes arethe easy way for me to tell them apart. Dougy has coppery-gold eyes, and Andy’s are more yellowish.

    • He always has been a sweetie! (Except when he is naughty and using furniture for a scratching post even though there are scratching posts inches away….!)

    • Me, too! I have that one printed out and framed on my wall. The Andy kitten photo is of him walking on my keyboard the first day I had him home. He wasted no time!

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