Post 572: the lion sleeps tonight

There are songs that set me on edge. Perhaps they played 2397 times too often on the radio when they first came out or they just have some compelling hook that turns them into torment, that song you can’t get out of your head. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is one such song.

When I come across one of my boys sleeping, that awful song often comes to mind : They remind me of mini-lions! Less stressful, Andy loves to sleep in the cat tree tube by my bedroom door. I like it when he does because he becomes easier to “capture” to give him his medicine. He likes the tube because of, well, “cat reasons”!

How he scrunches himself into a ball in this narrow tube, I'll never know. Ity's one of those cat secrets. Oh, to be so cute and so flexible!

How he scrunches himself into a ball in this narrow tube, I’ll never know. It’s one of those cat secrets. Oh, to be cute and so flexible! There’s a tail end and a face in this photo, if you look closely.

As soon as I saw him, I had to pet him, rub his nose. Then he stretched out inside the tube.

Andy gives me the eye. He's ready to slip out the opposite end if he has to!

Andy gives me the eye. He’s ready to slip out the opposite end if he has to! That’s one of those cat reasons he likes the tube.

The carpeting gives him something to hang onto if I tried to pull him toward me. I think that gives him a false sense of security. What I do is push on the end closer to me, and capture him on the opposite end. Cat — 0; human — 1


Bebe the Persian cat could be the boys’ long lost Japanese sister. When I watched this video this morning, I was struck at how similar they look and act.

6 thoughts on “Post 572: the lion sleeps tonight

    • Poor thing! She’s had so many trips to the veterinarian lately that I can imagine she is a tricky one to catch, even for her own good! From what you say about he doctor, it sounds like she has no issues there, though. Same with my boys. They generally are pretty good once I get them there. Maybe a little scared or grumpy (if I had to chase him for 25 minutes to get him into the carrier — ANDY!), but usually happy to see their doctor and his helpers!

  1. Well, we do know your habits and we are so much more “with it “than you realize. How would you like to live with somebody who shoves something that tastes disgusting down your throat after dark? You’d watch for them too when it got dark.


    • He gets the royal treatment bewfore and after, plus a nice little treat, so I shan’t be shamed! The shoulkder massage before and after is especially appreciated. I can feel his tension decrease (claws retract….).

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