Post 581: What’s cookin’?

"What's cookin'?"

“What’s cookin’?”

Why, you are, Andy, mon cher minou!

"Tell me something new."

“Tell me something new.”

That in five days you and Dougy have a half day at the spa? I can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “Post 581: What’s cookin’?

  1. I have to tell you I met their twin today at the vets.
    She looks just like your boys and she is a talker. She was letting the whole office know she did not want to be there.
    Her name is Lady Grace and she is a beauty.
    She and Ali told the world about their woes at being at the vets in the waiting room and they were sitting across the room from each other.

    • The last time Andy went to the veterinarian’s, he was very mouthy himself, though most times, the boys aren’t too talkative. They do have one game they play where one will make distressed kitty sounds in one room in an effort to bring the other in for a run, then tyhey take turns chasing each other. They wrestle a little at the end of each circuit, then repeat the game till they decide to get a bit to eat or to take a nap. It’s really cute, but I’ve failed to catch it on video so far.

    • Dougy is a cinch to capture for the trip to the groomers. Andy, on the other hand, is good for one capture a day, then he’s impossible to catch without a major disruption. Of course, the one capture a day mostly is to give him his blood pressure medicine. If I get him wound up, he becomes defensive. Though both boys are mild-mannered, Andy will take a bite if pressured. I don’t want him toi feel stressed out on the 11th, so will capture and take him to the groomers with his brother. When we come home, I’ll give him his medicine. (It takes planning to do these things! I hope five days is enough.)

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