Post 1899: making a happy kitty boy…

Dougy expects more than wand toy play. Head rubs, massages, and a good brushing make him a happy kitty boy! He especially likes to have his chin brushed. Of course, he likes to hear me call him a pretty kitty, too!



14 thoughts on “Post 1899: making a happy kitty boy…

    • That is a fact! He gets incredibly matted if he isn’t brushed daily. It’s a pleasant ritual for the both of us, something we do first think in the morning f=before the kitty treats (Dougy) and coffee (me) kick in!

    • asd you can imagine, it’s a lot of work being a Persian kitty, and they appreciate the brushing since it helps keep matting down and gets all that loose hair out of their coats!

  1. You must remember Dougy descended from gods, so naturally requires all of this attention. It sounds like he hasn’t forgotten that cats were once idolised as god’s 😺
    Our kitties love to be spoken to as well. I’m always telling them they’re pretty kitties and clever kitties, and they lap it all up.

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