Post 1036: “Rawr….!”

Periodically the beasts among us show their true colors…!

> stomp! stomp! stomp! <

> Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! <

> stomp! stomp! stomp! <

> RAWR! <

Never mind! It's just a kitty cat!

Never mind! It’s just a kitty cat!

26 thoughts on “Post 1036: “Rawr….!”

  1. I think a lot of cats are secretly wanting to be Godzilla, at least for a day. I used to get what I called the “Gojira stare” from my Tony. Fortunately, there was no atomic breath, only tuna breath to go with it.

        • It’s easier telling them apart in real life because Dougy is physically stockier than Andy. Andy has yellow eyes and Dougy’s are more orangey-brown. Looking at them face on, Andy has a narrower head and Dougy has a classic Persian pumpkinhead. LOL!

          • Unfortunately, it seems to be rare to have them both in the same photo and/or looking at the camera. Purrseidon & Mr M are a snap to tell apart ;-)))

          • Purrseidon is easy to photograph because she likes being the center of attention, unfortunately, if she doesn’t notice the camera, she’s the speedy mover…. Mr. M, on the other hand rarely moves fast, but his dark fur makes him difficult to get details … I’ve often thought that your camera is exceptional, since you can get such fur detail.

          • If you could see my photo file, you’d know I’m not trying to make you feel better! I bet I average 5-10 unusable shots for any one I can Photoshop into shape good enough to post on this blog. “Good enough to post” is a pretty low level of quality many times. There are other blogs that feature cats that I feel do a much better job of showing their kitties, among which are the two I just reblogged, with Mr. Bowie and Anna on their birthdays.

          • Ahha! I never bother to photoshop, though I do crop them… I try to only show pet faces. Purrseidon adores Master Munchkin, so they are usually close to each other … you’ve probably noticed that I was unable to cut his hand out of a couple photos….

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