Post 1929: chilling…

Hanging out on the recliner footrest is especially fine when Dougy is off snoozing someplace…. (Notice how fine Andy’s ruff looks these days?)

Doing nothing but watching the scene pass by. (Fortunately it doesn’t include a certain kitty boy, Dougy, so Andy and relax a bit for a change.)

“What!? What!? What!?” (No time to relax now. Andy senses Dougy’s about to make an appearance. Fortunately, Dougy doesn’t stop by to hassle his brother because he has other things – kitty food! – on his mind. He walks right by.)

12 thoughts on “Post 1929: chilling…

    • Oh dear! It wouldf be mayhem for sure! As for hungry kitties, Andfy is the chow hound here. Dougy shows more restraint than his brother.

  1. They must use body language cause they sure do some odd things. Shoko loves to run and of course everyone runs after her. Then she gets all hissy and growly cause these guys are chasing her. She must be going through the menopause!


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