Post 604: black and white

Andy and Dougy have subtle color variations in their coats. There are hints of silver among the black. They are a soft gray underneath, though it registers as black until they roll over on their backs or you see them in strong sunlight. The color zones are most obvious after they’ve been trimmed up by their groomer, though they show best in soft natural light.


Andy catches some rest.


To just see Andy and Dougy, though, you just think of them as black cats unless you look a little closer or catch them in the right light. I find them fascinating to watch for these variations! They are very pretty cats. It just isn’t clear what color they are. Here they are in a strong flash light.

...don't look in the devil-cat's eyes!

…don’t look in the devil-cat’s eyes!


Here’s little “black” Dougy when he was a kitten. You may remember this from when it was my blog head.



Or Dougy dozing on my computer desk.



Here’s Andy in an early photo, when he was a bit older than a year and before he and his brother started going to the groomer.

Andy discovers the bliss of perching on fresh laundry. Bad kitty!

Andy as a yearling, untrimmed, in diffused natural light, enjoying a snooze on laundry I hadn’t put away yet…of course!


The person who gave me the boys called Andy a smoke Persian, and his papers stated the same. Dougy, who is a little darker than his brother, with copper-colored eyes instead of yellow, looks essentially the same as his brother to me, yet he’s listed as “black”.  What?  You tell me what color my kitties are!

Dreaming of little mousies dancing on their toes....

Andy, dreaming of little mousies dancing on their toes….