Post 620: night stalker…

Cats are crepuscular creatures that spend most of their lives sleeping. That means, to see your pet cat at his or her best, you have to keep cat hours. Ugh!

Andy and Dougy convinced me I had to get up at 2:30 AM today. “Feed us and you can go back to bed!” the little terrorists told me in so many paw swipes and tail taps. But I knew they didn’t really mean I could go back to bed…but do get up and feed us anyway!

Fed, both washed up and went on their ways.

Andy watching out for Dougy...

Andy watching out for Dougy… because Dougy was sometimes naughty and mean to him yesterday.

I discovered the purpose of the “pet” setting on my camera yesterday. It doesn’t click or flash the little darlings, and it does take quirky time lapses in the dark while you try to figure out if the thing’s done or not. It’s kind of fun! Even in terrible light — and the two photos today were taken in blackness with just a little light from my computer desk gooseneck lamp — something happens. (Yeah, the cat moves…!)

I have no problem with soft focus or multiple overlapped images. They are oddly interesting and provocative. Kinetic. Creepy.

Andy watching for me...

Andy watching for me… because it’s not too early to give him his medicine! 

Andy watched out the back window. Hunh? Owls? Thieves? Those things we never see that cats sometimes stop and look at, creeping us out? (“Oh sxxx! The cats see the ghost of Lane 2 again!”) After determining Dougy wasn’t around and that I was, he hopped off the computer desk and ran to his safe place.

Then Dougy stopped by to whine because no one was there to play with. “I’ll pick you up and give you loving if you continue to whine, Dougy.”

Whoosh! Off he ran. That was all it took. He’s a boy cat and he doesn’t like that lovey-dovey stuff!