Post 611: Bah!

It’s difficult to get into the Christmas mood when advertisers have bombarded me with Christmas since before Halloween. It doesn’t help, either, that it’s supposed to be between 55°F-65˜F (13°C-18°C) during the day (sun promised!) the rest of the week. Yet, the inexorable march toward that holiday goes on.

One of these days, I’ll wake up, and…”AIYEEE! Christmas!” Um, it’s the 10th of December and I haven’t sent one card. I use the cats as my excuse not to put up decorations, let alone a tree full of “cat toys”. I better get with it.

Christmas stamps. They came yesterday...!

Christmas stamps. They came yesterday…!

The arrival of the Christmas stamps means I can’t put off writing cards any longer. Well, I can, but I better not! (By the way, this may be the closest I get to wishing you a blessed Christmas. Bah!)