Post 632: “There’s a deadline looming!”

"Kitten!" Andy is upset with his brother Dougy.

“Kitten!” Andy is upset with his brother Dougy.

Yesterday, Andy sent his brother Dougy to pester Doug (the human one) about this looming deadline to complete and post a blog on blogs with Tom of “Cats at the Bar” fame.

“Dougy is too amiable,” Andy grumbled to himself. “I doubt he got that lazybones sufficiently motivated to complete the project.” He knew what he needed to do:

"Don't send a kitten to do the job when a wildcat is needed!"

“Don’t send a kitten to do a job when a wildcat is needed!” Andy hissed. He paid Doug (the human one) another visit, and this time he minced no words: “Get it done!”

26 thoughts on “Post 632: “There’s a deadline looming!”

    • It’s -12.4°F (-24.7°C) this morning, and I wrapped up in two comforters to get warmed up! I don’t like to heat the place too warm because Andy and Dougy have their own fur coats, eh!? Besides, it’s fun to wrap up in comforters and have hot coffee and a nice bowl of yummy oatmeal (with candied ginger sliced thin, cardamom, cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnuts) for breakfast!

      • Ok! You won’t hear me complaining about the cold ever! I wouldn’t survive that temperature! How is that possible? Do you ever get out of your house? I can’ t imagine that cold!

        • It warmed up to -7°F (-17.8°C) since I wrote about the temperature here today. With a light wind (8.0 mph or 12.9 kph), the windchill factor is -17.8°F (-30.6°C). Windchill is what one has to pay attention to when going out. Here’s an explanation since you don’t have the extremes of temperature we have in mid-continent North America:

          Unfortunately, Wednesdays I go to the local military museum for a few hours as a volunteer, and I will have to spend some time in the cold. My car has a remote start feature. I can activate the engine with the keyfob remote, and it runs the engine for 10 minutes, sufficient to heat the car up to a nice toasty temperature inside and to melt ice on the windows. Then, all I have to do is walk from my front door to the car in cold, and about the same distance from my car to he museum door. It’s always chilly in the museum, so I’ll take an extra garment (a hoodie!) to keep a bit warmer.

          It actually gets colder than this in February (typically):,_Nebraska#Climate

  1. I hope I didn’t take some of your precious time – one last comment today to tell you that I enjoyed this visit a lot. Keep posting about your wonderful cats and about everything – you are an excellent blogger – I do like your way of telling a story! See ya 🙂

    • I enjoy getting comments. Sometimes it leads me to new bloggers, but more often, I get to know some of my favorite bloggers a bit better: Comments are welcome at all times! I enjoyed “talking” with you, too! I often play audio or video tracks on you blog while opening and viewing or working on others. It’s a treat!

    • As it is, until after I give him his medicine, this one (Andy) tends to hide from me. Then it’s like he’s stuck to me like glue. Ha! (Well, after he’s had a little time to get the taste out of his mouth, I suppose.)

    • A little bit ago, he was on my computer desk shelf. I pet him to let him know things were coming along. Then he grabbed my hand and bit me! (He gives you just enough “tooth” to let you know he’s annoyed, but not enough to draw blood.)

      • I know we are supposed to laugh that off – but whenever my sweet tomcat shows behaviour like that he immediately feels the fingers of doom on his back – and not in a petting manner! Does not take me seconds – and he knows and even knows why!

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