04Jul20: when the cat’s away…

…the fly will fly. Well, not as catchy as “…and the mice will play”, but same principle.


Dougy was around earlier…

…as was Andy. But the fly was hiding elsewhere. 


Yeah, as soon as the kitty boys left, the fly was back.



03Jul20: What!?


Can’t figure out what Dougy wants. He stops by, meows, then resists my attempts to amuse him. “What’s wrong kitty boy? The animal control officer doesn’t like your attitude?”

Could be. Dougy won’t look me straight in the eyes.

02July20 : back to work….

The celebrations are over so Andy cleans up and…

…gets back to work. Didn’t he just see a new fly fly by?

01Jul20: the Canadians celebrate today, too!


Today is Dougy’s and Andy’s 9th birthday. Their gift this year is I’m leaving them alone. No photos to be taken. They get to let their hair down and do nada. Here’s a repeat photo from yesterday when the kitty boys were doing what they do so well, hunting bugs!

Yes, today is a big one up north, too. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends! Andy and Dougy feel honored to share their big day with Canada!

30Jun20: no bugs today…

It is peaceful moment and I decide I’ll “scritch” Andy while he’s nearby.

Uh oh! Andy bolts. I surmise it’s because there’s a French movie on the television and he wants to block the captioning! But…

…Andy spots Dougy and it looks like he spots a bug! Dougy does a bit of posturing on the end table – no bug!

Dougy moves back to the kitty lounger. Andy quickly ends up on the end table. The next few minutes are fraught with anxious scanning of the room. There must be a bug here! There has been every day forever! (Amazingly enough, today is bugless and the kitty boys return to other important kitty business, their morning naps.)









29Jun20: Here comes Dougy!


Andy relaxes…


…when he notices his brother sneaking into the room.


He changes position. Dougy seems to be heading to the bug zone!

Yes, that’s it! Only there aren’t any bugs today. Hope springs eternal, eh? (Doug the human is thankful. Too many bugs this season.)

27Jun20: Oh no! Not another one!

Dougy is minding his business when…

…he spots another bug. (upper left)


I shoo it off the ceiling, it lands on the lampshade, where Dougy…


…spends the next few minutes frustrated that it doesn’t move. When I bop the lampshade to make it available to my kitty boy, it falls on the floor and escapes to bug Dougy another day.



26Jun20: similar?

Is it just me or does my lasagna resemble a Persian kitty face when I turn the photo a quarter turn?

24Jun20: What Andy doesn’t know…


What Andy doesn’t know is…


…you can’t block out news programing captions lying down!


See? You’ve done it before.

23Jun20: kitty on call…


Andy relaxes while blocking television closed captions and the remote signals. All that floof mutes the sound, too! What a prime kitty roost! Momma Cat would be proud.


Of course, he’s always alert for a spider on the wall since miller season seems to be slowing down.