Post 2263: Isn’t staring rude for kitties?

What’s wrong with Andy today? He stared for the longest time, barely moving. Do I have a booger hanging off my nose? A hole in my pants? What!? What!? What!? How rude!


Post 2262: what Andy wants…

When Andy stops by to perch on the recliner arm, he wants something. Yes, a good head and ear rub!

>Purr!< >Purr!<

Post 2261: Andy the stealthy cat…

Andy wants to sleep on his stacked carriers, but Dougy’s alert and on the shredded magazine at the base of the stack. Though there hasn’t been any conflict – yet! – today, Andy doesn’t want to alarm Dougy by coming within 10 miles (16,1 kilometers) of anything Dougy claims as his. And Dougy claims practically everything in this part of the front room as his.


Dougy is asleep! Andy makes his move.

That was easier than Andy expected! He sneaked by Dougy on his kitty paws, assured himself Dougy wasn’t going to sit up and give him the “Kitty Stink Eye That Withers Your Hindquarters And Makes Your Whiskers Drop Off” (a Dougy specialty), hopped onto his stacked carriers in one magnificent super leap, smiled a kitty smile, then slipped into a deep snooze. Dougy didn’t budge.

They are my little angels!

Post 2260: Dougy is upset with Andy today…

Dougy’s really, really, really enjoying his ottoman today!

Of course, Andy stopped by for a little loving from Doug, and that caught Dougy’s attention, quite the thing considering Dougy is luxuriating cleaning his “precious”!

“Hey! How dare you!” Dougy can’t believe Andy actually thinks it’s ok to come this close to the ottoman when he is having such a happy time on it. The chase is on! After the chase, Dougy heads for the guest bedroom. Andy slowly returns to the front room, anxious not to meet Dougy when Dougy’s in a mood!  Then…


… the wee rascal stops by the ripped up magazine Dougy likes to claim for as a part of his personal territory and stretches out on it long enough to leave a bit of “Andy Stink To Let My Brother Know He Can’t Be Everywhere At Once”.


Well played, Andy boy! Well played! Now he can enjoy some quiet time on his personally claimed stacked carriers! Can’t wait for Dougy to realize Andy stopped by the magazine. 



Post 2259: the restless sleeper…

Dougy moves around. First it'[s the kitty lounger, then the magazine on the floor that he ripped up. Finally, he settles on the recliner. Yes, he is the restless sleeper!


20191112_142904 (1)

My Seattle sister sent a message from her kitty girl Molly. Yes, how true, Molly!


Post 2258: butterfly hunting…


I’m not too clever using the “smart” part of my smart television features, but Andy is pleased I learned I can put YouTube kitty games on it. Butterfly  hunt was a success. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Post 2257: very interesting…

Andy watched this fellow with me while he rebuilt his Trabant engine. Not sure what the interest is for a cat, but it was fascinating to see what made that little DDR auto run! In four videos, he completely rebuilt the engine and it actually ran, well, ran as well as Trabants ever did.  

Post 2255: caught napping…

After a busy morning , the kitty boys and I took a long afternoon nap.

Post 2254: “Time for breakfast, kitties! Meow, meow, meow!”


Yes, it’s “Kitty Food Time” but the kitty boys are deep asleep! Have they been having nighttime snacks or just getting less than their 16 to 20 hours of sleep?

Dougy’s wakes up first for a change…very slowly! Now he’s fully awake and Andy still snoozes. Will Dougy get more than his fair share of kitty food? Unlikely. Andy wakes up and hops down the instant I stand up to head for the kitchen. He’s my little piggy!

Incidentally, the phenomenon of the changing cat color is demonstrated very well in the two bottom photos. On the left, Dougy is in strong light; on the right, sitting on the recliner arm, he’s in a darker place six feet (183cm) away, illuminated by the same light.

Both he and Andy look the same in the same light, and, as I’ve mentioned before, I think of them as black cats. They could be different cats, depending on their distance from the light. Could it be that the adage should be “All  cats are black in the dark”? No, because in bright sunlight, they look black again! So confusing.

Post 2252: The photos were in a queue…what?!


These are the eyes of a disgusted, world-weary blogger. The photos didn’t post to my laptop because they backed up in a queue, a new smart phone problem for me! (See the earlier Post 2251.)

Once I resent the top message in the queue, the logjam broke loose, giving me 34 mostly duplicated photos to sort through on the laptop. I hate technology some days. Now, back to kitty pictures!

From their sleeping places, Dougy (left) and Andy slowly move in closer, reminding me it surely is “Feed The Kitties Time”! And it is! Andy, as usual, is the most adamant, closer and closer, giving me the “I Am Not Going To Tell You Again Dark Stare Of Pending Doom” look that tells me I best better scurry to the kitchen to prepare a plate of kitty food. Andy follows me into the kitchen to assure the task is done, tout suite!


Breakfast over, the kitty boys clean up and take a nap.