Post 2201: The joke’s on you, Andy!…


You know by now Andy love, love, loves to block captioning on movies and programming on the television.


I haven’t the heart to tell him he’s just blocking the captioning on a commercial here. Good kitty!



Post 2199: Caturday is a day of rest…

The kitty boys (Dougy on left) had an exhausting week. Today, they decided, will be a day of rest.

Post 2198: moving the cat…

Andy blocks English language films, too. The war is endless! So are the strategies for getting my kitty boy out of the way. (Yeah, I could get up and physically move him out of the way, but then I’d have nothing to post for you!)

The new floofy toy creates a distraction Andy can’t resist…

…for it mesmerizes him in place, a new place! Now I can enjoy the movie.


Post 2195: I can’t follow the story anyway….


Don’t play coy with me, kitty. Can’t you see there’s something happening on the screen and you are blocking the subtitles?!


Dang you Andrew James Thomas! I’m having a hard enough time following this Thai documentary without you blocking the subtitles!


Yeah, you, kitty boy. You!


Good grief! Can’t you take care of your precious somewhere else??

IMG_20190909_013816 (1)

Maybe this is of interest… No? >Sigh!<


Andy takes another look at the television, then hops up on the stacked carriers for a nap. Blocking television subtitles is exhausting kitty work!

Post 2194: Andy’s newspaper hunt…


Andy knows the newspapers are a good place to find what you’re looking for.

You even can find (improbably) mockingbirds!

IMG_20190908_052512 (1)

Cheeky bird!

Post 2192: passing through…


Dougy’s passing through on important kitty business. No stopping for anyone or anything!


Woo hoo! I got a nice handful of kitty tail when MacDougall rushed by, if nothing else.

Here’s some oldie but goodies of Dougy since he isn’t cooperating today.

Post 2191: “Who’s my kitty?”


Andy stops by and perches on the recliner armrest closer to me. 


I ask him “Who’s my kitty?” Does he want “kitty luv” or is he just spying on me in case I’m headed to the kitchen. (You know…will I pass by where >hint! hint!< the kitty treats are?)


Who knows? Maybe he just wants to be “scritched”. Andy is, if anything, inscrutable!


Oh yeah! Scratch his ears and he leans into the hand to increase the pressure. Andy is sure about one thing: ear “scritching”  is good. Really good!


“Meee-yowwww!” Yes, Andy really, really, really likes this!

Post 2190: small pleasures…


I don’t have to convince Dougy he wants some “scritches”! It’s a small pleasure both kitty boys enjoy.


That’s the spot!


SURGERY UPDATE: The new fistula is done, without drama. Now I have exercises to do using what I converted to a cat toy after the first time I had a fistula created. They didn’t play much with it, I happened to know where they left it, found it and now will use it for the directed period of time.


This is a cat, erm, hand exerciser use to help mature the fistula to a state where it can be used.