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    • The best in the new year to you, too, Belén! Your blog was a natural for the list because you create wonderfully whimsical creatures in clay, and I am addicted to whimsy! Ha!

      I felt most people could appreciate your blog just for the photos even if they couldn’t read Spanish (or activate the translate function…!). Though I can read some Spanish, I’m not fluent. I like to try to read the text first, then cave in to a translation to see how closely I understood what I read!

      Another reason I wanted to include a few blogs in languages other than English was to introduce people to very good work being done by people like you in countries where English isn’t the mother tongue. “Jazz You Too” originally was in Portuguese, according to José Melo, but he switched to English because it wasn’t getting as many views. What a shame, because he posts a brilliant blog, something I’m sure it was in Portuguese, too!

      Some other blogs in Spanish that are exceptional and should go on future lists are: http://franciscojaviertostado.com/ , https://aquileana.wordpress.com/ , and http://javiergmphotography.com/ . All three are beautifully illustrated with art, photos, or art and photos. All three are stimulating, historical, and touch deeply on the humanities, science, and a variety of topics. (It’s hard to describe any of them “briefly”!)

      • You’re very kind, the list is a great idea that is already offering good results, I get a lot of visitors that come from it.
        I am aware that publishing in Spanish is subtracting visits me, makes it more difficult to reach the global audience but my English is not as good as I would like …
        The fear of making a serious grammatical error prevents me occasionally comment on some posts that I like. My trust in Google Translate is not much, help me to read but I recognize that the translations are not perfect.
        Currently I continue studying to improve my English, it is sad that such a visual work like mine find frontiers in language.
        A hug and thanks again Doug.

        • The Spanish to English translations are reasonably good, if not perfect. There are other languages where the translations are more vague. Anyway, you generally don’t have a lot of text compared with many blogs, so those translation errors aren’t as unsettling! (Your English actually is a lot better than you give yourself credit for!) I’m happy the list brought you some new traffic. I hope some decided to subscribe, too. You blog is well worth it!

    • Good! I thought that one was especially fun since she is similar to my boys. If I let them grow out, they’d look even more like her, and the temptation is there even though it means more grooming issues. I think their groomer can handle my main issue of poop balls hanging up in their fluffy butts (“hygienic trims” are part of their routine grooming now anyway and they don’;t seem to get mats as much now that they are older and I am more used to taking care of long haired cats).

  2. Happy New Year, Doug! And thank you for mention! I like the variety of blogs & topics. The link to Bite Size Canada site didn’t launch for me and may have a formatting character embedded in it somewhere or is missing something. I couldn’t get it to launch via copying the link either.

    • http://tkmorin.wordpress.com/

      I tried it, and it worked for me. If that doesn’t work for you, try Googling Bite Size Canada. A good link came right up. T.K. Morin’s blog is well worth a follow if you have an interest in Canadian history, history in general, and profiles of famous Canadians of the past and present. She does a bang up job with her post, and it is particularly fun to read those posts about historic event where the Americans and Canadians squabbled, but from the Canadian point of view! Our histories parallel each other on so many points, yet are so different on much. Let me know if this helped. (And you are welcome about the mention! I look forward to future posts as you become more and more proficient in your farming skills!)

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