Post 636: Dougy explains time…

Dougy’s second New Year holiday left him conscious of the inexorable passage of time. Why, when this video was shot, he was a solid year and a half old! Tempus fugit and all that…!

Hope you enjoyed this little rerun of one of my favorite videos of Dougy!

16 thoughts on “Post 636: Dougy explains time…

    • Dougy thinks so. He’s a very smart kitty! Best to you, too, in the new year!

      Your blog is another one I recommend, though it isn’t for the squeamish. That said, it’s important people understand that fur comes at a terrible price for the animal and the people who are brutalized killing them for fashion. Your blog advocates for an end to killing animals for vanity, and serves an important place in the dialogue on this issue. I don’t feel comfortable reading your blog, but one shouldn’t! It is very thought provoking.

    • Thanks! I try to match the music to the video, and, with luck, it works on all levels. That’s one thing I was happy about in this one, too. It had just the right level of gravitas for a philosophical Persian cat named Dougy! LOL!

      Your blog, incidentally, is nothing short of incredible! I think it is one of the best-written, most thorough and on-topic blogs I follow. Anyone with an interest in mythology would love it! I hope anyone reading this comment takes a moment to check your blog out to see what I mean! The illustrations, the text, the whole blog is a thing of beauty as well as a great source of information. Take a look!

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