Post 635: Andy can back off now – here’s the blog list~

We had some unresolved technical problems (no avatars), but the basics are there, and Tom Kapherr and I hope you enjoy exploring this small sample of the many blogs we follow and enjoy!

"I told you they'd finish it...sort of."

“I told you it’d happen…!”

Click on the link below to view the list:

22 thoughts on “Post 635: Andy can back off now – here’s the blog list~

  1. Thanks so much to Dougy and Andy for adding me to the list. I feel so blessed.

    In return, I feel the need to tell you a cat story.

    My mother (Connie) loved cats but my stepdad (Sy) didn’t. Connie and Sy used to visit her sister and brother-in-law (my Aunt Peggy, and the source of my name, and Uncle Bo). Bo had a huge cat named Pinky Tuscadero (after Fonzie’s girlfirend).

    Pinky thought Sy was his best friend and spent most of his time trying to sit on Sy’s lap. When Christmas rolled around, Sy (who was Jewish) sent Pinky a box filled with cat food coupons. In return, Pinky sent Sy a box of cat fur. This exchange went on for many years.

    • Homemade gifts always are the most meaningful…! Cute story, Peggy! I’ve often felt Persian cat hair would make a wonderful yarn, and that a clever person could make a very stylish pullover with that yarn. I bet it’d be extremely hot, though. Anyway, Your blog was a natural for a favorites list! (Originally, we had avatars, and I selected one of your recent photos of a well-dressed Papuan male standing sideways for your blog! Ha! Maybe it’s best that didn’t pan out!)

    • Whew! I thought I lost this comment. I just posted it before I could finish my reply. Anyway, we had a hard time not making it 100% cat blogs since we both follow several really good ones.

      For example, , a humorous blog that features wit, cat products, and more. It’s one of my favorites that didn’t get on this list this time since we wanted to try for more diversity. (I did manage to slip one cat blog in…!)

      Of course, I don’t have to tell you of all people about Katzenworld! Ha!

      • Hahah i really enjoyed your list. 🙂 it’s always good to go for diversity. And as you may know angel and lisa do a weekly guest post on my blog so i am proud they got on the list. 😀

        • Yes, that’s where I ran into that particular blog! It’s lots of fun, features a beautiful Angel the Persian cat, and was impossible for me not to include because she looks so much like my boys when their hair’s the longest. I also slipped Three Cat Yard into the list, though we were trying to avoid too many cat blogs in the interest of diversity. I tried not to include ones I’d mentioned on my blog too, for the same reason. That said, I am all for helping promote the really good blogs I come across, as is Tom, and we’re thinking about doing another (maybe longer) one later this year. The response to this one suggests people like this kind of thing, and we got through it still speaking to each other!

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