Post 642: je suis Charlie


21 thoughts on “Post 642: je suis Charlie

  1. What? No trial, no due process?
    No inviting mullahs and imams and other things in to negotiate?
    No guaranteed safe passage, not even a Guantanamo?

    Just warning shots. I like that. Pity the cops were such lousy marksmen …

    • They got what they wanted, death as martyrs by their definition. (“Live by the sword, die by the sword.”)

      Of course, there were negotiations that we weren’t privy to so I can’t comment on that. I would have thought the ideal would be to capture them alive for interrogation, but shots were fired in some order, followed by more from the other side.

      Both sides had assault-style weaponry. I don’t know what ISIL/Al Quaeda or French police and military instructors approach it, but I recall one instruction from the US Army when we were told to put the M16 on automatic: “Shoot in short bursts. Don’t John Wayne it!” The audio tracks for the printing shop action and the video for the grocery store action suggests “hail of bullets” better describes the method used, i.e. they “John Wayne’d” it! Accuracy isn’t necessary, just full magazines or clips, whichever it is, and a sweeping horizontal motion. (I am not a gun person….)

      • But it ended up happily for all concerned. Okay, for some concerned … the nice martyrs are now in Paradise guzzling houris and cracking jokes with the prophet, an inspiration for coming generations.

        A bit like the kamikaze, really. For myself if I were there I’d be Wayning it too, so long as the clips hold out. (After which I’d be setting speed and distance records …)

        • The fellow at the grocery definitely did a suicide run. Gad. There must have been five policemen firing into that opening when the terrorist ran out. The printing plant shoot out? Couldn’t tell from what they showed.

    • It’s French for “I am Charlie”, which is the international cry in protest to the murder of the twelve members of the “Charlie Hebdo” (“Charlie Weekly”) satirical magazine in Paris two days ago by terrorists claiming to avenge editorial cartoon insults to the prophet Muhammad.

    • Never a good situation. I’m watching the continuing events on television at the moment, though I needed to get away from it a moment to process events. I am grateful friends in Paris are safe, but sad such a cosmopolitan joyous place is tainted now by bastards with weapons and a sick sense of justice. Unfortunately, Bagne de Cayenne was closed in 1953 because it is precisely the sort of hell monsters like this need to go to.

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