Post 643: “catch a cat on camera” catastrophe

The boys looked really sweet after they got their prettied up at the groomer’s, and I wanted to show you just how cute they turned out this time. Yeah…!

No cooperation and a weak charge on my camera's battery equal crap phtos, such as this one!

No cooperation and a weak charge on my camera’s battery equal crap photos, such as this one!


The best of the Dougy photos: "If it's photo forget it. Our best is none too good" as we used to joke at the 69th Signal Company (Photo).

The best of the Dougy photos: “If it’s photo forget it. Our best is none too good” as we used to joke at the 69th Signal Company (Photo). [ Blink! ]

“Maybe I can do better with Andy,” I thought…!



Since this sad effort, I’ve recharged my camera battery. Seriously, though, their ‘dos turned out really cute!

29 thoughts on “Post 643: “catch a cat on camera” catastrophe

  1. Remember—if they’re lying on their back with all four paws up in the air, inviting a tummy rub … the instant you do it five out of six ends go all pointy and sharp.

    • Depends on the cat, but that’s generally a smart default response to this situation! Dougy lets me scritch his tummy, no problem. Andy will if he’s in the mood. Of course, when he was a kitten, I played “gotcher tummy” with him, so trained him to maul my hand. Ha! Persians generally are mellow cats, though, and he rarely grabs my hand that way now, though he will lightly bite it in a meaningful if nonfatal way!

    • I drop them off and get a phone call later when they are ready. They are in the carrier when I get there, and Dougy’s having a hissy attack – he hates being in the carrier! The big challenge is paying, getting them home, and releasing them from the carrier.

      On the other hand, if the groomers don’t mind being photographed (for their Facebook page, for that matter) with one of their well-groomed client cats, I like your suggestion! It’s not the most brightly-lit room, but I think it probably is sufficient for available light photography. They mostly groom dogs. Andy and Dougy are cat exceptions since they are good boys when there, don’t get freaked out if dogs are in the room, and established themselves as favorites early on. Well, they know Andy sometimes gets bored with the process and gets restless, but they still manage to get him trimmed up nicely! Dougy likes the attention, so is more cooperative.

  2. At least you can see that Andy’s coat is soft and shiny. But you have to understand – not every guy wants to parade around and show off his new coif!! 😉

    • Small consolation! Of course he stuck his head in the box at the critical moment! They both looked exceptionally nice this time around, but, boys being boys, after they had a chance to groom themselves, get that cat spit to stick stuff where they wanted it stuck, they both look like orphans that the mean headmaster gave bowl haircuts. Yup!

    • I’ll try again when I have better light and more cooperative kitties! Unfortunately, when the battery is weak, the camera takes photos, but there is a long delay from tripping the “shutter” till it takes the image. In that time, Dougy closes his eyes or turns his head (he hates the flash, of course!) and Andy just doesn’t stand still.

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