Post 641: Louie the ginger cat

Here are a few more photos of Louie and Louie-associated things:

Louie didn't get in the way much.

Louie didn’t get in the way …much!

Louie postage stamps.

Louie postage stamps.

Door warning. (Louie wasn't mean, but he was big.)

Door warning. (Louie wasn’t mean, but he was big.) 

My favorite photo of Louie's tail.

My favorite photo of Louie’s tail.

Louie usually slept with his tail curls under this way.

Louie usually slept with his tail curled under this way.

33 thoughts on “Post 641: Louie the ginger cat

      • Oli curls his tail like that when he wakes up in the mornings and does this adorable curl too. 🙂 undortunately oli also deceloped a pawing at me at night to get tugged in under the covers recently… Must cut his claws back as he doesnt seem to realise how sharp they are event when not trying to scratch me! LOL

        • When Andy sees me sitting on the edge of my bed (trying to get my sea legs!), he always puts his front paws on my knee. I have permanent scabs from his sharp little claws. I understand what you are talking about!

          • Have you seen the little plastic clips you can glue on their nails? Sounds like a great idea until you read the small print “keep paws still for 5 minutes” obviously never tried on a real cat 🙂

          • I operate on the principle that you shouldn’t have cats if you can’t handle a little chaos in your life, and that includes frequent “wounds”! I’ve seen those caps, and thought they looked uncomfortable. One always has the option of trimming the nails, which, to me, again, seems more for the person’s convenience than any need (most of the time) for the cat. I think a claw that impedes normal movement or threatened to grow back into the cat clearly has to be trimmed, otherwise. tough it out. Ha!

          • Haha that is very true. Much to the annoyance of Oli he needs regular trimming for medical reasons. His claws ALWAYS grow out and curl inwards at some point. So at least his accidently scratching ke reminds me of when he is due his regular vet trip. (Too stressfull doong it ourselves for him and us!)

          • Actually, once I got them into a regular grooming routine, the problem rarely occurs. Andy tends not to get tangles and Dougy sometimes gets small mats in his armpits. They’ve had them behind their ears in past, but I can’t recall any there lately. Andy doesn’t have a heavy undercoat and Dougy does. I don’t have to do much grooming on Andy, but Dougy likes to be brushed. I do get a brush full of hair off him when I brush him, but it isn’t excessive.

          • Lucky 🙂 Vanessa hated brushes… She used to attack and growl at them LOL. What we didn’t know was that she was a stray without indoor past. Charity got her records wrong so dhe wasnt happy at our place 🙁

          • Andy doesn’t tolerate brushing much. i think it must be, in part, because he has a thinner coat than his brother, and it tends to stay in place anyway, unlike Dougy’s, which always has a “just out of bed” look till I brush him.

          • When I picked them, up, they both looked like sleek thoroughbreds, ready to win the derby!By tomorrow, they will look pretty much like they usually do, but for the moment they are most beautiful!

    • How true! The worst part about Louie was how little time I actually had him, yet how bonded we were. He was notorious for hopping on your lap without warning, and a nearly 24 pound cat landing on your lap unexpectedly was, well…! I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned you should keep a pillow on your lap! Once, he hopped up on my lap when I was in my computer chair, and we both fell backwards out of it. He was very lovable if you weren’t another cat. I think his time as a stray turned him into a fighter. He didn’t show aggression except when he saw another cat. When I realized he had issues that way, I made a point of walking with him when I let him out. That seemed to stop most of the aggressiveness, mostly because I yelled “Hey!” or something to break the eyelock and posturing when he and one of the other neighborhood cats got into it.

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