Post 683: Dougy has ballz (metaphorically speaking…)!

Some days, I think the boys put extra effort into messing with each other. 

Definitely not Andy....

Definitely not Andy….

Today, it was Dougy's turn to be naughty. "Does Andy know you're on his spot?! I bet not!"

Today, it was Dougy’s turn to be naughty.
“Does Andy know you’re on his spot?! I bet not!”

Wrong profile...! This could be trouble!

Dougy enjoyed the sun for a few minutes more, Andy didn’t show up, and all is well! Nothing to see here, folks. Keep on moving!


21 thoughts on “Post 683: Dougy has ballz (metaphorically speaking…)!

          • Poor little cats cannot sniff along, have breathing difficulties … for a cat a nose is more important than her sense of seeing. I really hope persian breeders will see that truth one day. Well done from you, that you have taken two rescue cats.

          • They get along OK in that regard, but the short muzzle makes eating food harder if it isn’t just so. (You can buy cat food specifically made in a shape that’s easy for Persians to eat.) Water is another thing. I have a fountain for them with filtered, running water, and have had since they were kittens. It’s much easier for them to use than a bowl with water in it, and the filtering makes it cleaner and better tasting. The short muzzle can (and likely will) cause them difficulties the older they get, and I am particularly alert for any signs of respiratory issues.

          • I know that you do anything for them – and I know you do not have them from a breeder but they are rescue kitten. I just have an issue with breeding cats without a snout, not with the cats themselves.

          • I understand what you mean. I’m against cutting off tails and trimming ears on dogs, declawing cats, and breeding animals with recessive traits to others with the same trait to create generations with some physical trait that causes health issues or shortened lifespans later.

            If I hadn’t been offered the boys when they were kittens, I would have replaced Louie the ginger cat with one or two shelter cats, as planned. As it is, I’m a big advocate of adopting shelter animals and of neutering or spaying them to reduce the chances for more unwanted puppies or kittens.

            I also am against letting either cats or dogs outside without supervision (on a leash), and both Andy and Dougy were microchipped when they were neutered so the chances of recovering them were better if they somehow got lost.

            It’s all about responsible pet care and making choices that don’t result in harm to animals. My state is notorious as a puppy mill state, and you read periodically about a breeding operation being broken up and dogs or cats being found in tragic and unacceptable living conditions.

            That’s one more reason I tend to support shelter adoptions. You aren’t creating demand, just reducing supply in a humane way.

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