Post 740: being watched…

I am used to it by now. Quietly, on pussycat paws they sneak up on me and are suddenly there…watching me!

What is this dark presence...?

What is this dark presence…?

Oh! Never mind! It's just Andy!

Oh! Never mind! It’s just Andy!

32 thoughts on “Post 740: being watched…

  1. I hear you loud and clear! Was sick since Friday and was not to work yesterday, so my two had to put in extra-time to guard my every move. Mostly it was my tom beleaguering me. He keeps coming up and snuggles next to my big ass, happily sleeping.
    How do you tell your two apart? Or is it just in the photo that Dougy and Andy seem like identical twins?

    • Andy and Dougy are siblings from the same litter. Dougy has a broader Persian cat face. His eyes are orange. He’s heavier looking (and in fact) than Andy. Andy is more slender with a smaller face and yellow eyes. His tail is longer and his hair lays down better than Dougy’s because Andy doesn’t have as heavy an undercoat as his brother. They also behave differently. Dougy is more gregarious and Andy is a bit timid, though both are pleasant kitties. It’s easy telling them apart if you are around both at the same time or just are familiar with the two. They actually look a lot different than each other once you know what to look for!

      • Well, to be fair – sometimes when I had two black and white kitties, one male, one female, and I could only see a very small part of the body I wondered which of the two it could be. Took me some time to find a difference when you just see a leg or part of the body.

  2. hehe…nothing like eyes burning a hole in you. As long as they see what you’re doing they are fine and all is the same. Any changes on the home front are met with disapproving stares….Shoko just hates any change. Imagine your two are the same.


    • That they are. If anything changes, both are there examining the scene of the change. If they are upset, they hold their tails upright and shake them. Of course, if the change can be claimed as their territory, they make moves to add it then.

    • Well enough, Sheldon. I still haven’t worked out the problem of my all-in-one machine not accepting communication by WiFi, but that’s a low priority at this point since I rarely use it.

    • He sleeps on a drsser by my bed at night, and I am constantly in his view…if he chooses! (Dougy takes over during the day and spends a lot of time watching me from the ottoman he claims as Dougylandia!)

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