Post 1763: more hunting videos…

Once the horns are up, you know something’s afoot!


Yeah! This is more like it!

Flies get into the house from time to time. The kitty boys do something about it!

Yes, they cooperate with each other on the hunt, too!

15 thoughts on “Post 1763: more hunting videos…

    • I think their recipes would look pretty much like paleo diet recipes…or earlier! (That is to say, lots of raw “meat”!)

    • Fortunately, I’ve never had a mouse problem where I live.

      When they were kittens, though, their favorite toy was a little realistic mouse about the same size as a baby mouse.

      They have another realistic mouse wand toy that they like. It’s life-sized. I suspect they would play with a live mouse, but not kill it. Hmmm!

        • I actually had one at one time. It scooted across the floor, the kitties knocked it over, and the fun was over. I was disappointed they didn’t have any interest after that. I’ve pretty much learned these things about cat toys: If the advertisement shows cats playing endlessly with the toy, it is doomed to fail in a real cat situation here; if it’s battery-powered, put your money away because they won’t play with it for long and you are tired of toys that use several dollars worth of batteries; the best toys are simple, like a peacock feather (which always gets the kitty boys wound up every time); wand toys generally interest the kitty boys more than anything other than peacock feathers, especially if they are Birbugs (not a paid endorsement for this particular toy, though it is consistently a favorite with the kitty boys); the kitty boys like the multi-colored “string” off a wand toy so much they made their own chase game involving this item.

    • Andy and Dougy are very interested in anything they can hunt. I am pleased they enjoy hunting even small things like those gnats that come out of potting mix.

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