Post 454: In which andy’s fine whiskers are highlighted…!


Is it any wonder Internet fans all love this little guy? Want to tie ribbons on his neck? Wish they could hug him? Fantasize about how soft and fuzzy he is? Andy is a regular cat Adonis! Mmm! And those “whiskas”!

10 thoughts on “Post 454: In which andy’s fine whiskers are highlighted…!

    • Absolutely not! Andy usually happens to be more handy when I have my camera out. Dougy is more fun, in terms of playfulness, but Andy spends more time hanging out with me at the computer. Dougy and Andy are both nice little cats with very different personalities. If Dougy has my name, Andy has my less social nature. LOL!

        • Ha! Ha! (“No, really, Dad DOES love me more than you!” I can guess that’s at the center of their occasional squabbles. Mostly, though, they are a team. Let a fly get in the house, and both boys are working together to get the little bugger. Good kitties! Hate flies and other “wildlife” in the house, and they take care of it.)

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