Post 748: a bored kitty finds something to do…

I guess I’ve not paid Andy enough attention today because he’s exhibiting bored kitty behavior, specifically tearing up a magazine.

Andy's resting now, or should I say "finally"! He's been very busy this afternoon.

Andy’s resting now…or should I say “finally”! He’s been very busy this afternoon.

What a mess!

What a mess! “Idle paws are the devil’s workshop.”

I guess knocking over wastepaper baskets wasn’t enough naughtiness for today. Probably wound up still from the two new boxes the UPS person delivered and he and Dougy got to explore earlier.

12 thoughts on “Post 748: a bored kitty finds something to do…

    • More about those tomorrow…! Andy and Dougy had a great time in the boxes and I took 100 photos. Obviously, I’ll cut that number back to a manageable number for the blog, but you’ll see happy cats playing (and confronting each other) in boxes. So predictable, yet always fun!

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