Post 796: Flag Day 2015

Americans are rabidly in love of their national flag, a fact that haters use to good effect when they burn or defile it in protest of whatever pisses them off about America.

I won’t attempt to explain this love, this near-cultish celebration of a national symbol, just note that Congress approved the original design for the flag on this day, June 14th, 1777. Today is the US flag’s 238th birthday! 3D_US_Flag_Screensaver_1238

 I note the irony of flag burning by haters of America and its ideals or foibles is that burning the flag is the recommended method of disposing of those flags that are worn, torn, faded from long display. 

It isn’t that burning the flag is wrong, it’s that not doing it with the appropriate respect and ceremony provided by the American Legion is! And today is the day those burnings happen! Here in town, people’ve been bringing their flags into the military museum for today’s ceremony.

...and you thought it was as simple as running it up a flagpole! WRONG!

…and you thought it was as simple as running it up a flagpole! WRONG!

Frankly, Americans love their flag to death and regularly abuse and misuse it, thinking they are displaying something like a patriotic spirit. Take a look at the rules, in depth, for use of the US flag, and ask yourself how many times you’ve — oops! — accidentally, inadvertently disrespected it through improper display and handling.

Happy Flag Day! You and I aren’t bad people, just slightly ill-informed sometimes.

Hope this helps. Now take off that dang shirt made from the flag!


A side note: As a US Army veteran, I want to wish the US Army a 240th birthday. It was established on June 14th, 1775, two years before the US flag.