Post 792: Sox the tuxedo cat up-date…

Remember Sox the tuxedo cat, my sister’s cat that went missing for 10 months? He looked a bit rough at the shelter, as you can imagine after being missing for 10 months. His sleek fur was dirty and a bit ruffled. He needed a good grooming!





What Sox looks like in his prime...just wait till his hair grows out again!

What Sox looks like in his prime…just wait till his hair grows out again!


Here’s a bonus photo of Sox in his hidey hole, among some stuffed toys.

Where's kitty?

Where’s kitty?

Thanks to my sister for sharing her photos with me and telling me about Sox’s adventure! Anyone who’s had a pet go missing can take heart from Sox’s story.

There are examples of cats and dogs showing up after long times and great distances, but they always seem a bit like fairy tale animals until one turns out to be the pet of a family member or yourself.


Here’s a photo of Sox enjoying some bird watching out the window.sox and bird