Post 784: a bright, sunshiney day…!

After all the rain, cold, and snow of the past few weeks, today is looking like a bright, sunshiney day! 

I opened the doors to let fresh air in, something an apartment with three boys (Andy, Dougy, and me) in it definitely can use from time to time — whew! 

Dougy was the first to make use of the open door in back. 


More important things to check out!

More important things to check out!

“This is what I’m talking about!” Dougy enjoys the backyard, and, with luck, will see a kitty pass by!

Another sunshiney thing about today is I finally figured out the problem with my all-in-one machine. You know computers and peripherals: when they work, they are wonderful; when they don’t work, it’s usually something stupid and simple, but takes hours and days to figure out!

You know this all-in-one machine from such photos as this one of Andy sneaking a peek at me:

Ia m watched. Andy may have a chance of escaping me today...for awhile!

Andy hiding behind the all-in-one machine.