Post 791: Dougy’s “annoying meow”, a call to action

Dougy is exceptionally needy today. “Play with me! Groom me! Pet me! Feed me, of course, but don’t hold me!” Meow! I’m not certain what he wants, so I’ve gone through the whole list each time he comes over and goes into his little “annoying meow”.

“Annoying meow” is not a typical kitty vocalization. It is a sound that grates on the ears and makes you feel like a slug, a genuine turd for not stopping everything right now and waiting on his Feline Majesty! You can’t ignore “annoying meow”!

This is what Dougy looks like when he does his “annoying meow”.

Oh no! There it is again! What do you want, Dougy? What!? What!? What!?