Post 903: “Loving’ tender crispy chicken”

I’m a fan of McDonald’s buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich. Freshly made, it is everything the packaging promises. Let it sit awhile under the heat lamp, and it is, in the euphemism of the Internet, a POS. This morning, I got the POS version.

I kind of like this sandwich...when it's fresh!

I like this sandwich…when it’s fresh!

It probably isn’t a good idea to charge someone $6.05 for a dead sandwich, especially someone who blogs and has a work history as a quality assurance fellow. I have my standards, and I am reasonably articulate about them! 

I tried to bite a chunk out of the sandwich. I barely managed to get a bite, but then I couldn't chew the tough chunk. I spat it back out!

I barely managed to bite two chunks off this sandwich, but they were inedible. I had to spit them out.

I tried to eat this monstrosity, and managed to get a couple chunks off it. But I couldn’t chew them! The idea of wasting the sandwich goes contrary to my quality training. On the other hand, that sandwich was dead before I got it. It shouldn’t have ended up in a customer’s hands.

“I should take this back to the restaurant and complain,” I thought. Yeah, get in my car and drive completely across town and have the hassle of getting in line to complain. “I mean, this is the first time this has happened to me…wait, no it isn’t!”

dried-out bun, wilted lettice, soggy tomato, leather-like breaded chicken cutlet:L Of course I want to pay $6.05 for it!

Dried-out bun, wilted lettuce, soggy tomato, leather-like breaded chicken cutlet. Of course I want to pay $6.05 for it! Make me another one just like it!

Time of day may be a factor. I bought the sandwich just before the changeover to breakfast menu. I can imagine someone saying, “Don’t throw that chicken sandwich out. Someone might buy it, but we won’t want to make one fresh when it’s this close to changeover.”

Yeah, you don’t expect 5-star quality from a fast food outlet, but you can expect a specific consistent level of acceptable quality from a McDonald’s outlet.

That’s been the McDonald’s promise and the measure of it’s success: Reasonably tasty meals that are the same no matter when or where you buy them from a McDonald’s outlet.

The local one failed today. Big time.