Post 907: the bent twig…

It is difficult to remember that sometimes today’s naughty kitty is the result of errors made raising said kitty when he was a wee kitten.

For example, this screen shot from an early video of Andy and Dougy shows where I failed to properly bend one of my little “twigs” when he was a very naughty “sapling”!

Yes, that's Dougy in the cirtcle! Bad kitty! Very bad kitty indeed!

Yes, that’s Dougy in the circle! Bad kitty! Very bad kitty indeed!

So, since I failed to correct the behavior at the time, should I feel upset with Dougy now when he openly defies me now, and scratches that same piece of furniture?

Dpigu beingh a very naughty kitty... and enjoying it!

Dougy being a very naughty kitty…
and enjoying it!

The question was rhetorical. I’m reaping what I sowed! (Or failed to sow.) In Dougy’s defense, he doesn’t do this naughty thing too often.