908: what a mess…!

I spent most of yesterday working on a PowerPoint presentation for the local RSVP, only to have the file crash at the end of the day. Yeah, I saved often and after every major change. Yeah, I saved it two places, “just in case…”! Yet, inexplicably, something went wrong.

Maybe the file was too big for the memory stick. Whatever. Though it looked OK at the end where I was working, none of the illustrations (of which there were a couple hundred or so, I guess) showed in most of the earlier slides, just the text.

Of course, I have earlier versions of the file that are OK, just a day’s work short of where the one I was working on yesterday was when it crashed. I’m hoping the RSVP director has another copy of the file up to the point I started on it yesterday. Until I hear back from her, I am pretty much dead in the water.

Take my word for it: Anything that walks past this

I wonder if Dougy will let me hide in his box. 

I’ve tried all the old tricks to try to revive the missing files. Of course, since I stupidly went over to Windows 10, I don’t know how to do certain easy things that I knew to do in earlier versions to return to earlier times and missing files. Progress.