Post 929: All a’twitter about something new in the window!

You know cats. Change any little thing in their environment, and they pounce on the change in an instant! Well, there was change here today, and Andy wants to know what it’s all about.

Andy watched from the table...

Andy watches from the table…

"What is that...!?"

“What is that…!?”

Dougy preferred to wait it out in his favorite new box.

Dougy prefers to wait it out in his favorite new box.

Nothing much to show just yet. I mounted a window bird feeder on the window Andy likes to look out.

It will take a time before the birds find it and I’m feeding cracked safflower seed and niger seed, both of which attract specific birds to the exclusion of others. I expect American goldfinches and pine siskins mostly.

I’ll take photos when that happens!