Post 938: the origins of Andy and Dougy…!

If you wonder how I came about having two ornery Persian cats, know that the story begins in August 2011, when I went in to pick up the ashes of poor Louie the ginger cat. For the full story, with kitten videos, click on “Andy and Dougy come home”, second page, next to “Home”, above.

Andy at two months of age.

Andy at two months of age.

17 thoughts on “Post 938: the origins of Andy and Dougy…!

    • Thanks for your comments, Ruth! I’ve had enough interest from others in their origin story, it seemed like I really should make it more accessible as a page. I knew it was in the archive somewhere, and it still took me some time to locate, knowing pretty much what to put in the search box to bring up the most likely blog posts.

    • Their predecessor was a short-haired cat, and he’d come home with weed seeds stuck in his fur. I can only imagine what the boys would carry home if they were allowed to roam outside — which they aren’t!

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