Post 937: It happened again!

Remember when I had the bad sandwich from the local McDonald’s? I tried to put the experience behind me, but I subsequently went back, hoping against hope that my experience was atypical, that I could out-guess the system they had for putting out sandwiches that sat under the drying heat lamps too long…!

Oh, you idealistic, forgiving fool, Douglas! Read below the review I left on the store’s internet link.

All too often, I get a dried out piece of crap. Just last night, I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese. The bun was dried out to the point I couldn’t eat it. My supper was a hamburger pattie.

I tried to bite a chunk out of the sandwich. I barely managed to get a bite, but then I couldn't chew the tough chunk. I spat it back out!

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken sandwich from Hell ~ ~I tried to bite a chunk out of the sandwich.
I barely managed to get a bite, but then I couldn’t chew the tough chunk. I spat it back out!

I like their crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich…IF it is fresh! A fresh one is very tasty, a good value. The last (and I mean the very last one ever…!) I bought was so horrificly bad, I photographed it and featured it on my blog as a warning to anyone thinking about ordering this sandwich at this store.

I hate to speak unkindly about the place, but there is a pattern of selling dried out sandwiches that should be pulled and tossed instead of sold to unsuspecting customers.

I haven’t even touched on another issue with that store: How many times I was handed either the wrong order or a meal that was supposed to come with fries (and I certainly paid for the fries!) but came without any.

“You should contact the 800 number on their take out window,” people said. Well, from the looks of the complaints on this site, little if anything happens when you do.

Caveat emptor: Order food at the Alliance, Nebraska, McDonald’s with the understanding you may not be able to eat what they serve.

The shame of it is this used to be a very decent store. When Martin and his wife had it, you got a tasty meal in a timely manner, served by friendly staff. The current take out staff range from really top notch to barely civil.

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  1. Not again Doug. They deserve to get $hit from you. If, you can tell the manager of that outlet. Many peeps seem very satisfied with McDonalds and you were before these folk took over. Perhaps you could call the manager on the phone. I realize walking is not easy for you. It’s not easy for me at times either but if someone pisses me off enough, it’s amazing what I can overcome. Granted I pay severely for it later. Still, I got, as the rolling stones say, SATISFACTION. LOL


    • I followed Tom’s suggestioon of contacting the McDonald’s corporate offices by e-mail. I had an acknowledgement e-mail today, and they are reviewing my complaint. I’ll post whatever they tell me.

        • I believe it giving them a chance to present their side of it. Rather, I believe they need to show their desire to restore a customer to their flock! At this point, I can’t see spending another penny at that particular outlet.

    • I’m pretty decent myself in the kitchen. My main problem is I cook for one. It is a tricky business not to over-produce food. There’s just so many times I feel like eating the same thing or modifying leftovers to make it seem “new”. SOme days, too, I just don’t feel like making a meal when I can try a drive-in meal. Other times, I’m in the mood to go to a sit down restaurant when I want something more balanced and healthy.

  2. Hi (long time follower, in case you forgot) Thank God the seasons over and I can catch up with people. McDonald’s is a franchise system and each location is individually owned. What you describe here is against franchise policy and is in violation of the McDonald’s code of operation. I suggest you email directly to head office, customer service with the complaint. I did some work with McDonald’s Canada years ago and know how serious they are about operation policy. (Got to love a company who’s business cards are also redeemable for a Big Mac. Yes I’m serious.) 🙂

    • I’ll do that, Tom. The previous owner ran a clean, efficient operation, and was scrupulous about things like freshness. The new operator apparently has no experience running a restaurant or doesn’t give a blink.

      • To give you an example, I remember a franchise in Montreal that was near the big hockey arena. After a game the place would get swamped for an hour. People complained that there was only one cash open at 10:00 at night. (It is company policy. to reduce staff at night) however it is also company policy, that any franchise located within a 5 mile radius of a major event site, must have appropriate staff for off times. the owner was ordered by McDonalds to add staff or risk loosing his franchise licence. He even had to post a sign in the window saying “additional staff on site on hockey nights”
        There is a reason they are the biggest franchise operation in the world.
        The owner is trying to cut corners with inventory, by the look of it. Don’t let it slide. You might even get a free sandwich out of it! 🙂

  3. Hmmm. I have forgotten why we stopped eating at McDonalds, but it has probably been over a decade … so much easier to just throw burgers or something on the grill – and probably about the same price.

    • I give up on them. I already give the store more than enough times to serve me a decent meal, only to get crap or near crap, or food approaching crap but still mostly edible.There are that many options in this town, is another reason I probably gave them too many chances not to sell me crap. aKFC, Taco Bell, and Hardee’s all had stores here, but closed down for lack of business or something. That leaves Arby’s Taco Johns, Subway, and McDonald’s for drive through, and several sit down restaurants.

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