Post 618: out of the frying pan…

Andy is wary of me after I give him his blood pressure medicine, poor dear! He wants to come up to me, yet…! And the medicine is tuna flavored at that, a nod to the sensibilities of the patient. Yeah, tuna water is a favorite flavor!

"Oops! I didn't think the human would see me!"

“Oops! I didn’t think the human would see me!”

"OK> So you see me. I'm still upset, you know. Do not touch me!"

“OK. So you see me. I’m still upset, you know. Do not touch me!”

"I see your hand sneaking up on me!"

“I see your hand sneaking up on me!”

A quick retreat to the top of the computer!

A quick retreat to the top of the computer!

"Much better! Oh no! That's ..."

“Much better! Oh no! That’s …”

"...DOUGY! When the blink did he slip up on top of the stereo?"

“…DOUGY! When the blink did he slip up on top of the stereo?”

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Andy didn't notice Dougy hop up on the stereo until after he settled in on top of the computer. Dagger eyes are exchanged!

Out of the frying pan, into the fire! Andy didn’t notice Dougy hop up on the stereo until after he settled in on top of the computer. Dagger eyes are exchanged! No growls, though, and no fur flying. Before long, there even are some blinky eyes!

I’m just the reporter here, not the referee. Andy and Dougy worked out their differences, and both enjoyed their high spots where they could see each other and me. Earlier, I had to break up a rare dispute between the brothers, but now things are calm. I blame the weather.

36 thoughts on “Post 618: out of the frying pan…

  1. I’m glad that the vet is able to give your kitties some meds that are little more palatable. It’s still never easy to give meds to a cat though. I’m also glad that Andy and Dougy worked out their little feud. My kitties aren’t fans of having each other in their personal space either.

  2. Love that adorable face and the last photo of the boys playing matching book ends.
    Ali is still hiding at night time thinking she is getting medication at night which she does”t anymore because she is weaned down to one pill in the morning for a month and then will be off the prednisone all together.
    Have a good week end.

    • Poor little Andy! He is a sweet little cat and wants to have a social relationship with me, but he also doesn’t want to get medicine! I try to make medicine time as pleasant as possible with soothing talk and shoulder massages, but Andy knows what’s coming! Of course the treats after help, but he spends the morning trying top avoid me, even after he’s had his medicine. (Speaking of Andy, he hasn’t had his medicine yet, but he’s on top of the little stereo behind my monitor, taking a bath. He wants to be with me, but doesn’t want to risk getting caught for his medicine, too!)

    • Take a look at my last response to Robin ( – which I enjoy a lot!) ANdy’s very wary, too. I feel bad because I want both of my little fur buddies to have the happiest, most pleasant lives I can manage for them.

      Andy will get the post for today to himself because I got a couple photos of him sleeping where his sweet little face made me say “awwww!” when I saw it!

      Anyway, I guess you and I can both just be happy our kitties are doing better, even if they aren’t happy with the medicine! (Ali is really looking pretty lately, isn’t she? It seems she may have put on a little healthy weight, too.)

        • Considering her help with Tim, you are truly blessed she is 1. part of your family, and 2. healing! Is she a purr baby? One cat I had, Freckles, a little gray female tabby, started purring the moment you picked her up, and never stopped. I put her on my chest once, and the purrs relaxed me so much I fell asleep for over an hour. When I woke up, Freckles was still on my chest, purring! Poor thing. She died after surgery, but she was as sweet a kitty as I’ve ever known.

    • They do, in fact, chase each other, but it rarely ends in much more than a wrestle down without biting. Believe me, if one of them goes too far, the victim always lets out a protest yowl, then things go quiet. The perpetrator then gets chased by the victim, and the boys wear each other in play!

      • Had to laugh at that – I know that up to the loud yowl. But instead of getting quiet, MY two start all over and the weaker (the female, you would not believe it after Kipling, but there you are, they are cats after all) one yowls again, if I do not come to the rescue. Makes me wonder, when I’m at work, all day long – do they fight, too? Or is it a harmonious duo then? Sometimes I sneak up on then on returning home and I find them both sleeping on the sofa or the bed, though .. I think they are drama queens when “fighting” – after all – hardly ever furr to be found, no blood to be seen (NO – I am grateful for that, do not miss it at all).

        • Every once in awhile, one of them will come out of the combat zone with a mouthful of cat fur in his mouth, but they never (so far!!) draw blood. I think individual dignity sometimes gets trampled, and the yowls may be moire hurt pride instead of physical hurt. (Yeah, what DO they do when we are gone? I’ve considered setting up a camera to find out, though I suspect it’d be lots of sleeping cat videos, with an occasional stop by the water fountain, food dishes, or cat boxes to break up the humdrum!)

      • Yep sounds exactly like my two. Our problem is that Oliver doesn’t know when to stop playing. Nubia can get very frightened because of her missing front leg if she feels she cant move. It almost seems like post traumatic stress disorder from her car accident. 🙁

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