Post 1240: Ho! Ho! Ho!

Though I’m falling short on Christmas spirit this year, I can get just enough stirred up to share my Christmas greeting for the year. (For those of you have other faiths and holidays to celebrate, I want you to know I send you greetings as well!)




44 thoughts on “Post 1240: Ho! Ho! Ho!

    • Thanks! The best to you and Mr. Bowie as well! One thing I noticed after I posted the photo of the front of the card is there is a curious 3-D effect. I’d like to take credit for planning that, but….! Not nice to lie this close to Christmas! LOL!

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  1. Thank you for the card and I don’t have guilty decisions: throw out, save forever, recycle or what. Anf it’s a great thought too. I have a little bit of spirit but 2016 was such a slog of a year all round I am just celebrating that it’s almost over. My Mom was the big mover at Christmas and it’s just not the same without her.


    • Yes, exactly! With y father’s death, there were no more of his immediately family left. My mother was the only child in hers. The oddest feeling, though, on my mother’s death was the realization I had become a an orphan in a technical sense, though I was in my mid-60s at the time.

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