Gun Violence – Prayer is Not Enough

Enough! No more excuses for not dealing with this issue, Congress! Shame on you! The blood of thousands is on your hands for your lack of resolve.

22 thoughts on “Gun Violence – Prayer is Not Enough

    • Me, too. I hope they step back and think a bit about what that man stands for before they vote for him. The mayor of Philadelphia characterized him as “an asshole”, which barely covers it.

  1. I think Sheldon2014 hit the gun right on the barrel. As long as the right to bear arms is still a constitutional right….nothing will happen. It’s unfortunate but because times have changed to the point that people are getting murdered by the score, this constitutional right should not be a right anymore but a priviledge We have had severe gun control laws that made criminals out of honest folk but the pendulum is finally finding a middle ground here in Canada and the laws are not as strict. Just look at the statistics of those killed by hand guns in the US compared to other countries. I was shocked….they are about 3 times higher than most countries!


      • I did have an American say to me, *I wouldn’t feel safe in Canada….not even the RCMP wear guns.* They do have weapons just not visible like in the States. When I was in San Francisco I was walking through a park and 2 police were approaching me….The first thing I focused on was their holsters and pistols. It scared the cwap outta me. I’d never seen this before. Just call me naïve,

        • I think that is the only reasonable response to that potential harm. I think the scariest thing of all is this element that thinks they need to be armed in case a bad guy opens fire in a public place. The presumption is (theirs!) that because they have a gun on them they can John Wayne it and save the day by “taking out” the bad guy. I was struck, however, be the comment of a =person who was in the place where the Oregon school shootings occurred. He had a concealed weapon on him, but he wisely didn’t attempt to save the day because he was concerned he might be mistaken for a bad guy by the police, and get himself killed or wounded.I don’t want these self-appointed saviours helping me in a situation like that. How would the nonshooters, let alone the police, avoid confusing the idiot firing into a room full of people who thinks he’s got a chance of getting the bad guy . Bullets are potentially lethal, no matter whether the shooter is a good guy or a bad guy, the victim is hit accidentally or by careful aim. Geez!

  2. What will it take for your country to say “Enough” and get some action on this nightmare situation? It seems to be such tangled web, with money at the core. So, money trumps lives, obviously. (Oh, please don’t let that Trump fellow be your next President.)

    • You just stated the scariest thing you could say to me. That fellow is a loose cannon, a demagogue. I won’t vote for him, that’s for sure, but there are a shocking number of Americans who think that sort of fellow is what the country needs. It would be a travesty.

      As for when enough is enough, I passed that point in my toilerance yearsa ago. I live in a state where every single member of my COngressional delegation are rightwingers with NRA sympathies. I didn’t vote for any of them, but they are there in Washington making mockery of civilization by voting down any comprehensive gun control laws. They have the blood of thousands on their hands, as afar as I’m concerned.

    • An excellent article! Thanks for sharing the link, Pierre! Another thing that is curious is the “Pledge of Allegiance”. Until Hitler came aboard in Germany, American children salute the flag during the pledge in a very unamerican Fascist-style stiff arm salute! (They continued to use the “Bellamy salute”, as it was called, until late in 1942….!) It was written by a Socialist, something that would make it suspect to may rightwingers in this country.

  3. Politicians always live somewhere nice and safe, far from the dangers ordinary people have to face as part of their everyday lives. Huge corporations employ people to make sure that their profits will never be reduced by anything that the politicians ever do. And there you have it. The finest political system known to man.

  4. As long as we have people saying people kill people
    And guns are not the problem
    As long as they play the card that they have the the right to bare arms
    As long as the NRA is bigger than government
    We will never have peace
    Even with the rite to vote

    • My Congressmen/woman, are on notice. I’m just one voter, but I am a vboter, and I refuse to vote for anyone who fails to deal with this issue. That’;s all of my state’s Congressional representation, bought and paid for by b\various interests, including the NRA.

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