Post 965: Andy sleeps…

Andy likes the computer desk shelf. It’s the one he can use to birdwatch out the back window. Even when I’m not on the computer, Andy oftentimes will be on the shelf…sleeping.

On his back, propped up against the blinds, Andy sleeps.

On his back, propped up against the blinds, Andy sleeps.

18 thoughts on “Post 965: Andy sleeps…

    • When he’s sprawled that way, that;’s exactly what my hand wants to do! If he is sleepy enough, my hand survives. If he is awake and in waiting….! Mrow! Bloody stump city!

  1. Really? This is our lovable Andy? Sorry Doug, he looks like a soft dusting furry rag. I really couldn’t tell at first glance this was adorable Andy. Are you giving special food that makes them shag out quickly? hehe


    • Whatever it is, they don’t take long to grow hair back. What I found funny about this pose was how Andy was propping himself up with one foot. Sleeping on his back is his thing. Even I have a hard time telling where the cat is in that photo, though, and I was there when I took it! LOL!

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