Post 1529: The “mice” will play! Hee! Hee!

Andy practices “nonchalance”, pretending to be more interested in the scene outside.

Dougy is more overt. Hanging out with me while I wait for the ride, he paces, walks under my legs, looks out the door. “Andy, he hasn’t left yet. Knock off that racket in the other room. Shh! Shhh!”

I know the kitty boys don’t just sleep while I’m gone. They have a kitty boy party!


Still waiting for news that Black Beauty, my little VW Golf Sportwagen, is repaired.

In happier days…!

I’ve had two telephone visits with AAA, one from Omaha, the other from Chicago. The two phone calls established that my bias about the need for local agents is correct.

Neither of the two agents understood that there aren’t a lot of services easily arranged for in this part of the USA, that the two major rental car companies they require you to use to get the use of the rental car benefit aren’t always available or only well beyond one’s ability to get to, and other logistical problems. 

I hope I get Black Beauty back before the snow flies!

For the time being, I’m relying on my friend Judy for rides to dialysis. Today (“yesterday” when this blog was written), she’s helping me again by driving the kitty boys to the groomers. She’s also driving me to the veterinarian clinic to buy more dry kitty food since I’m pretty much down to a day or two of running out.

I hope tomorrow’s blog will show you newly shorn smoke Persian kitties! You may not like the look, but they will be happy not to have to maintain that thick fur. I will not miss the endless hairballs and clumps of kitty fur everywhere!



20 thoughts on “Post 1529: The “mice” will play! Hee! Hee!

    • BB has a long way to go to catch up with your venerable Subaru, but it has just a few more than 6000 miles on it since Early May 2016, the most I’ve ever put on a car in the same time. I love, love, love the thing! I miss it, and appreciate even more the versatility the station wagon offers me over the sedan I traded in for it. (And I love, love, loved that Chevy Impala till my illness last year left me less able to load the kitty boys – for example – into it since I had to load them in the back seat. It was awkward and put strain on my back.)

  1. What furry people do when you are gone? I remember coming home once and the hanging plant was just a-swinging. Furry ones were sound asleep on the couch (sure they were). You should have seen them get up, stretch, yawn (big show).

  2. Good luck on getting your Black Beauty fixed!

    I had a similar experience, even though I lived in a relatively large city in the Midwest. The insurance company that shall not be named was based in Chicago. When my daughter got into a collision with another teenaged driver (I swear my kids shortened my lifespan by 20 years), I had to handle the claim through the Chicago office first, then with a claims adjuster who lived in a city 120 miles away and who got lost the first time he drove to our house. This was before GPS and Google Maps, but I felt like a professional who drove all over the state for a living should know how to read a paper map. To add insult to injury, my poor Camry came back with a slapdash paint job. It took another two weeks before things were settled, but I swore that as soon as I was able to, I’d change insurance companies. The first thing i checked was whether the company had a local office. It’s been okay service since then, but I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, the premiums have gone up. I feel like I’m paying an awful lot of money for the few times I’ve needed to fix my car!

  3. That’s frustrating about your car, but they never move very quickly. My car accident was much less damage than yours – back door replaced and fender and bumper repairs, and that took nearly a month. I had the accident April 18 and didn’t get my car fixed until May 11. My difference was I could drive it banged up, and I was only without it for a week for the actual repairs. Hang in there, Doug.

  4. Good luck with the car repairs. It is tough educating big companies in any field. If you are really curious about the boys’ parties you could try hidden cameras. But you may find it better not to know what they get up to.

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